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  1. Fly-Fishing
    This year I am hoping to land "50 Chunks on the Fly"....50 bass over 17" on the fly rod via kayak/wading and all on public waters. And of course, without getting fired from my day job. I have some big flies in my box as well as some unusual patterns, but I decided to add a few more big flies...
  2. Fly-Fishing
    where is a good place to catch a carp on fly in raleigh area and what flies are productive
  3. Fly-Fishing
    I know this is not really a report, but I am new to the site and was wondering if anyone knew something about NC carp fishing(fly). I'm going to be staying at Lake Junaluska for a week and have seen some big carp cruising the dam area. I am sure they get a ton of pressure from spin casters, but...
  4. Fly-Fishing
    Here are a few more I tied today , hope to use these this weekend at the Ft Fisher Kayak Meet and Greet.
1-4 of 4 Results