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  1. Saltwater Fishing
    Is flounder gigging illegal in the winter? I was told that is not legal to gig from Nov to Feb, but I can't find this in on the website or anywhere else. -Thanks
  2. Saltwater Fishing
    I am a rookie flounder gigger and will be at North Topsail next week. Any suggestion of places to try near the 210 boat ramp? I was looking at Alligator Bay, the bay SW of the ramp that is shaped like a mitten, and the bay that leads into Hells Creek. Thanks for any advice you can give me.
  3. NC Coast
    I usually fish down around OKI, but I'm heading down to Topsail with the wife's family this weekend. Her uncle has a little boat and wants to head out somewhere down there one morning. What's been biting down there and any advice for a first-timer to the area? I would imagine if we can find...
  4. Saltwater Fishing
    I'm heading down to Frisco the week of September 10th with my 17' boat. Im staying on the sound at Brigands Bay. I need any advice that is out there. Where do you go from Brigands Bay into the sound to find the fish? I'm mostly just gonna use bottom rigs I guess? Looking to try out some...
  5. Saltwater Fishing
    i am new to this site so i wanted to introduce myself. my name is chad but everyone calls me pru, i am from pittsburgh. every year i make a trip to NC for 2 weeks for vaca. i used to live in winston salem. we either go to the outerbanks or topsail. This year i would like to try flounder gigging...
  6. NC Coast
    Hello i am new to this site. My name is Chad but everyone calls me pru. i live in pittsburgh and go to the outerbanks or topsail every year for 2 weeks of relaxing. this year i would like to get into some flounder gigging. i have made the lights alread and the gig. i will be staying at...
  7. Saltwater Fishing
    Mike Marsh flounder fishing article:
  8. Conservation & Regulation
    MOREHEAD CITY – The N.C. Division of Marine Fisheries declared summer flounder “viable” in its 2011 Stock Status Report released today. Summer flounder had been listed as “recovering” since 2009, and according to the latest assessment by the National Marine Fisheries Service Northeast...
  9. Saltwater Fishing
    Decided to try my luck at Queens Creeks on Sunday starting about two hours before the low tide. I was aiming to catch some reds or flounder. I had some luck with the flounder right away. No keepers but caught several. I'm always ok with this because I didn't leave completely skunked but I...
  10. NC Coast
    I had the pleasure of going gigging for a few hours with Breadman last night. The wind was calm and the tide falling so we headed out just as it got dark. It didn't take long before we had the first fish in the boat. Within an hour and a half I had gigged a 6 fish limit including the two 5...
  11. NC Coast
    I took my friend Andrew and his son Jack fishing this morning. It was very windy (20 mph) but we decided to give it a try anyway. We headed over to some nice marsh creeks to see if we could find some specks. We did but not before Andrew caught a 17” drum and we each caught some small...
  12. NC Coast
    Marine forecast looked awesome for today so I ran out mid morning thinking I'd fish through the afternoon. The 5 - 8 knot winds that were forecast turned out to be 15 knots by lunch time. Was right snotty with 2-3 footers but tight and lots of slop. I Caught two flatties, one was barely 14"...
  13. Saltwater Fishing
    I caught fish from surf city pier for some Flounders and ******. Check out the video on YOUTUBE. PLEASE SUB IF YOU A YOUTUBE FAN THANKS. URL: YouTube - BIG FLOUNDERS & HOW TO CATCH.#0
  14. Saltwater Fishing
    im new to saltwater fishing and do you guys really think a leader is worth the trouble of buying/making. i feel like a rig with just a twenty lb test line should do just fine. am i wrong?
  15. Saltwater Fishing
    Hey guys I'm totally new to this site but is read a lot before and u guys are ridiculosuky helpful. I am sixteen and about to go to sunset for a week and I Am 100 percent self taught fisherman and I would love to hear any advice fo fishing intercoastal waters there from the docks. Like should I...
  16. NC Coast
    The flounder are here and there are great reports from North Myrtle Beach through Little River up into Sunset Beach and Tubbs Inlet. Yea! I'm going down first of the week to try them myself. Inshore fishing for big redfish and smaller (so far) speckled trout continues to be good. Flounder...
  17. Saltwater Fishing
    Does anyone have an opinion as to the better places to launch and fish from a kayak in this area, any advice as to times, tides, etc.? I'm usually looking to catch trout drum and flounder and fish mainly with live bait and gulp shrimp or minnows. Any help would be appreciated.
  18. Kayak Fishing
    I recently got a fishin kayak and have a place to stay in atlantic beach with boat slip in back yard on a canal. Anybody fish the back side (soundside) of Bogue banks near atlantic beach causeway? I like to catch specks, drum and flounder, and whatever else is hungry.
  19. Saltwater Fishing
    anyone know of a decent spots in the wrightsville beach to topsail area to catch some reds flounder or drum. the fish bites been off for me lately so some spots where the fish are hitting would be greatly appreciated
  20. Kayak Fishing
    I am new to kayak fishing. I purchased my first inshore fishing kayak (ultimate 12). I have been paddling whitewater for 20 years and pier fishing all my life. Now I am putting the two together. Got my boat outfitted, even rigged some flounder lights. I have been gigging on foot for the last...
21-40 of 42 Results