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  1. NC Mountains
    Hi all, I will be fishing Fontana this weekend in the general area of the Tsali boat ramp. I'll go for anything that bites but usually targeting bass. In the past I haven't had any luck with spinner baits, rattletraps, crankbaits, and some worms/lizards. Do you all have any tips for lures for...
  2. NC Mountains
    The guys from Lenoir came up and fished Fontana weekend before last. Here is how they done. Boat Sat Sun 1 4lb12oz 6lb10oz 2 0 0 3 1lb4oz 0 4 0lb12oz 0 5 14lb14oz 11lb0oz 6 0...
  3. NC Mountains
    I live near Fontana, Chatuge, & Hiwassee and I am interested in fishing for stripers but I don't know where/how to start. I love to troll but right now I don't have a downrigger. What are my options? Any tips would be appreciated and I won't do much damage to the fishery as I am a catch 'n...
1-3 of 3 Results