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  1. NC Coast
    Contrary to all the good fishing that has been going on around Fort Macon in the past couple of weeks, yesterday was a bust. Everyone has been reading about the blues, black drum, and mullet that have been biting around the rock jetty and there must have been 20+ people strung out for a couple...
  2. Saltwater Fishing
    Went out Saturday and fished all day. We spent about 1.5 hours at Fort Macon and a buddy caught one Dogfish. We moved to the Coast Guard base when they had some spots open. We ended up catching a total of about 16 Dogfish and one stingray. We were using bait shrimp and cut mullet. It was a...
  3. Saltwater Fishing
    Hello. I am planning on doing some fishing at Fort Macon this week. I moved here from PA and this will be my first time out on the beach. I am taking out my large bass pole from PA with 10# line. Is that ok or should I change line? Also, what bait and tackle should I use? Where is the best and...
1-3 of 3 Results