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  1. General Fishing Topics
    Anyone try it? I am headed down to see my dad in mid June and we always fish it, But this time we are going to try noodlin' Any tips?
  2. General Fishing Topics
    I have fished most of my life and live doing it but I am BRAND NEW to fishing in NC for bass and catfish. I am used to fishing for trout, not bass or catfish. I have tried a few spots but didn't have any luck. I have fished around ft Bragg and even down at Locke and Dam 3. I have caught a couple...
  3. Kayak Fishing
    Went to MacArthur Lake today with my fly rods and Yak. Didn't get out there till after 1130. And of course it started raining as soon as I pulled into the area. So I waited it out and ate my lunch. It didn't last to long and I was on the water. I was throwing a silver and grey clouser on a #4...
  4. Fishing Clubs
    Anyone know of any good lakes or ponds to fish in right now? I get bored since i havent found a job yet so if there any place i can jus pick and go to to catch a few fish? I live in Fayetteville near Jack Britt High School. Besides Ft Bragg and Lake Rim i dont know of any other place. and Lake...
1-4 of 4 Results