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  1. NC Piedmont
    Fished the Cashie River near Plymouth. Most of the day was slow until the Gar went bananas. I have no interest in catching them but they lit up my screen so we went for it. We were there for Pickerel and Bass. Ended up with a nice Yellow Perch as well.
  2. General Fishing Topics
    I was fishing on Lake Gaston last week wearing out the white perch when I spotted several gar cruising the edge of a weed bed. I threw everything in the box at them but no real bites. They would follow a lure to the boat but would never strike. Any tips for hooking these three foot monsters?
  3. Freshwater Fishing
    A friend and I went out to the White Oak on Suday morning to do some bass fishing. This is a favorite spot of ours. It doesn't produce the biggest or most fish but it is a great area to be out in. We got about about a mile up from Haywood and decided to wet our line. The fish were jumping...
  4. General Fishing Topics
    Any bowfishermen out there near jacksonville that know of some good locations? Also if you have a boat and want someone to bowfish with i got two bows fully equiped.
  5. Freshwater Fishing
    I've located a local creek full of gar. I see them feeding daily on top water schools of bait fish. The bait fish are so abundant i havent been able to catch a thing. I've done tons of research and its time to land one of these. Any tips are greatly appreciated. I'm not looking to catch a...
  6. Freshwater Fishing
    There is a thread going on the question of do alligator gar exist in NC. I think it might be worth starting a new thread devoted instead to the larger topic gar fishing in NC. I bought a kayak a month or so ago and began kayaking the Cape Fear as it cruises through downtown Wilmington. I...
1-6 of 6 Results