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  1. Fishing Gear For Sale
    I have a card I dont need now just upgraded my units and they both come pre-loaded. 75$ OBO.
  2. The Boating Forum
    I'm interested in purchasing the Garmin Bluecharts for Norfolk to Charleston area. I'm wondering what level of detail the Bluecharts (not G2) provide? Primarily I'm interested in locating Hard Bottom (or Live Rock) structures close to my port of call (New Topsail Inlet). Any help or advice...
  3. Kayak Fishing
    Those of you who use Garmin GPS units may be interested in this map set of the Southeast USA. It has a lot more detail of the salt marsh and creeks than what I was using previously. Says it has "High resolution water data - lakes, rivers, streams, and washes”. It made my eTrex Legend 100x...
1-3 of 3 Results