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  1. NC Piedmont
    Got out on the water around 7 with the kayak It was really foggy first thing but it cleared up nicely. I hooked a nice one on a Jig near the dam and I got a few other bites on a shaky but the they were not committing to it. I fished until about noon that’s when I couldn’t take the water skiers...
  2. Freshwater Fishing
    Spent the past two weekends on Harris. While the fishing was slow, the wildlife and colors were awesome. Does anyone know how low the water level is on the lake? It certainly makes it a different lake when fishing the banks! A few of my captures below:
  3. Freshwater Fishing
    Started this morning with zero visibility due to lake fog. Found my way after the fog cleared and landed this 24" Bowfin on an ultra light with a yellow beetle spinner followed by a 20" Pickerel on a blue/black chatter bait.
  4. Kayak Fishing
    So I'm just getting into kayak bass fishing after a couple years of considering spending the money on a yak. I just picked up an ascend FS128T from bass pro, and have had it on the water twice now, and I can say I have absolutely zero regrets about my purchase. I have been fishing pretty much...
  5. Angler Connections
    Hey everyone, ive heard here and there about these Wednesday night tournaments at Harris lake, does anyone know any details about that? Also if you are a boater and would like a co angler for these periodically that would be great!
  6. New Member Introductions
    Looking for someone to fish with during the weekdays in the RDU area. I fish Falls & Harris. 19 foot Ranger. I am no pro, just a recreational angler. I miss plenty of fish, get skunked a lot, curse more than i should, but overall just enjoy fishing. I'm still trying to figure out these...
  7. NC Piedmont
    So my buddy & I had been watching the weathers for 5 days plotting our next trip out. We agree Friday that Monday is the best day due to 70's, we skip out of work early, he picks me up to hit Harris and there's a line 9 trucks deep!! The ramp took 20 minutes to unload. Finally we're on the...
  8. NC Piedmont
    Did so good last week we had to have a round 2 this weekend! Got to the boat ramp at 10:45 and started trolling from the power lines backward towards the roadbed. Heath had the best fish at 6+ pounds! Also caught a 4lb3oz and a 3lb7oz and 4, 1lb-2.5lbers and 2 crappie. All fish were caught on...
  9. NC Piedmont
    Got to the ramp at 10am saw joeyb unloading when we were launching... hooked one right off and the line broke. Then the fish started hitting first was 4lb2oz, then a 7lb1oz! then a 3lb3oz and a 6lb4oz and lost a good one after that on a jump. Makes me wonder how big the one that broke my line...
  10. Freshwater Fishing
    I was thinking about trying to go out friday night and do some crappie fishing at Harris lake but I wasnt sure if anyone would know if now is a good time to go or would i be wasting my time. Any tips or info would be much appreciated.
1-11 of 12 Results