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  1. Kayak Fishing
    The Crystal Coast Chapter of HOW will be meeting this Saturday for a Fish-n-meet and mini fishing contest. We will meet at the VFW Swansboro for Breakfast at 0800 on SaturdayLaunch from Cedar Point and paddle to Pettiford Creek and fish to around 12:00. I will bring prizes! We can decide what...
  2. Kayak Fishing
    The Crystal Coast Chapter of Heroes on the Water will be holding a Fish-N-Meet at the Hancock Landing near Cherry Point this Saturday. We will launch a 0900 and expect to return around 1300. There will be a prize for the biggest fish so bring your digital camera and a measuring device. If you...
  3. Kayak Fishing
    If you are a YakFisherman in the Camp Lejeune/ Crystal Coast Area and a wounded or disabled Veteran, or would be willing to volunteer to take a wounded warrior and family members kayak fishing, the Camp Lejeune/Crystal Coast Chapter of HOW is looking for you! Please contact me at...
1-3 of 3 Results