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  1. NC Piedmont
    Between traveling, promoting the book, and family matters it has been WAY too long since I had a line in the water. So I headed over to the lake tonight, and this tasty channel cat was there to welcome me back.
  2. NC Coast
    Reports are already streaming in from this weekend, filled with nice weather and nice fish. Although the wind hasn’t exactly died down, the sun is shinning and today looks like another good day to go fishing. Water temps are in the low 60s and edging up. The big news is about the big speckled...
  3. NC Coast
    It looks like it's gonna be a great weekend to go fishing! Bright sunshine will abound, and although there WILL be wind it won't be half as bad as what we've seen on recent weekends. If you can go, you should go. I am trying not to give in to hyperbole, but frankly this is the best start to a...
1-4 of 4 Results