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  1. NC Piedmont
    It started off a really nice day blue bird sky’s and a light wind I got on the water around 8 AM. Then the wind started to pick up and made it difficult control the kayak The water was up a good couple feet since I was at the lake on 15-Apr. The water was dingy almost like coffee in all the...
  2. NC Piedmont
    Great day on the lake. The weather was perfect but the fishing was slow. I got out around 10:30 and fished until 1. I got two large mouth and one decent crappie. I got the crappie and one bass on a Ned rig and one on a wacky senko. I mainly fished the along the rip rap looking forward to this...
  3. NC Piedmont
    I took the kayak out on Jordan today it was a weird weather day. It started out foggy and over cast and then the wind picked up and the sky’s got dark like it was going to rain and then just as fast the sun came out and it warmed up nice and then disappeared again and the wind picked up again...
1-3 of 3 Results