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  1. Gear and Tackle
    Hey everybody, I have recently been contemplating getting a kayak. Up to now I always have fished on the bank since I don't have any way to be out on the water. But as I get more into this great activity I want more and more to be out on the water. However, being a college student, I don't want...
  2. New Member Introductions
    I've had a place by BI Pier for 13 years, and purchased a Hobie kayak two years ago. I have a couple of friends that I kayak fish with now. We fish for spec, drum and flounder on Had Not creek, and troll in the ocean for Cobia, King, Spanish, etc. I'm looking to learn more about accessing and...
  3. Kayak Fishing
    I have been thinking about getting a kayak and this week-end I had a chance to try out three. I had the pleasure of spending the week-end at NCAngler's vacation house in Oriental this week-end (Thanks Randy! I had an awesome time and a got a badly needed break from working). Yakattack (Luther)...
1-3 of 3 Results