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  1. Saltwater Fishing
    Hey all, I have hit the piers all summer and fall for king mackerel, and have still yet to catch one, and before I get into a big one, I wanted to make sure my gear is sufficient. All input is appreciated. Thanks in advance! Anchor Rod: - Cabela's Salt Striker 10' Rod and Reel Combo, 320 yds of...
  2. Saltwater Fishing
    I'm relatively new to salt water fishing, but I had some luck with Spanish mackerel this past spring and now the wife and I want to try trolling for kings in late October and early November. I was thinking of trying the waters around Cape Lookout, but I'm open to other suggestions. From what I...
  3. Fishing Gear For Sale
    2 Penn 545 Graphite Series 6:1 high speed reels on Ugly Stick Custom rods (USCC 2270ML) 13-20lb. Perfect for live bait fishing. oth in great working condition. Will sell each for $125 and both for $200. Please text me if interested. Five40 905 333three. Cole
  4. NC Coast
    Got my first King after 2 years. I would like to thank all the folks at BIP. You guys did everything perfect and i couldn't ask for a better group of guys to catch my first King with. Ps. Matt Anderson is the man!!!! Lol
  5. Fishing Gear For Sale
    TWO King Mackeral Rods and Reels for sale Penn 545 reels 7' star live bait rods new 20lb suffix superior line (yellow) $300 for 2 - Only selling as a combo Email with any questions [email protected]
  6. Saltwater Fishing
    I go to the outer banks mabey 5-6 times a year and always hit up the pier. I want to start king fishin.. I have a 10 ft surf combo that I think will work as a anchor rod but need a good rod for the bait... I just bailed out $700 to get my kayak and rig it up so I dont have alot of money.. Plus...
  7. NC Coast
    My friend and owner of Blue Water Candy Lures, Jodie, told me that he and his buddy Andy of “all In” Charters found the kings chomping on Saturday. They left out of New River inlet Saturday morning. It was a bit rough at first so they decided to pull dead cigar minnows. They headed for the...
1-8 of 8 Results