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  1. NC Coast
    GColwell and I headed down to Sutton Lake yesterday, 24 Feb 2018. We arrived a little after dawn, about 0700, and launched the boat. Trolling around the 70-74 degree water we did not receive any bites or even nibbles. Looking around it didn't seem like any other fishermen were having any luck...
  2. Bank Fishing
    Rough start to the bass year so far, lots of skunks and a couple dinks. Was at one of my favorite spots this morning in the rain and finally latched onto a decent pair! The second, and smaller, of the two caught came out of the water with a huge gash in his side! The tail was also looking...
  3. NC Piedmont
    Went out to Falls Lake with my buddy last night. Fished a few hours. Plenty of fish slapping the water. Fished a spot for about 30 minutes where I saw lots of splashes. Lost my spinner on a log so I went to retie and my buddy came over with his swimbait and threw a few casts. 3 casts in...
  4. NC Piedmont
    After a few weeks of not-so-patient waiting, we were finally able to go back to the small farm pond!! It started off a little slow. We were fishing with yamamoto senkos, and we really weren't having the best of luck. Then my oldest got the first bite on another senko that was salted and some...
  5. NC Piedmont
    Today a buddy of mine (NCAngler User Swampin') and another friend did some fishing at a beaver-inhabited farmpond near Meadow, NC. A few weeks ago we went out there in the rain and cast our lines in near the mouth of the beaver lodge and instantly pulled in some skinny but nice 20 to 22"...
  6. General Fishing Topics
    Buckhorn Catch 7-21-12 I caught this fish Saturday 7-21-12 at Buckhorn Reservoir in Wilson. The cheap analog scales I had on the boat said about 7.5 pounds. I took him to weigh him on an accurate digital scale and he weighed in at 8 pounds 6 ounces.
  7. General Fishing Topics
    Hey everyone. So at first I was fine with lipping bass but then of course when going to lip my third ever bass it had to bite me. From that point on, for some reason I have been too scared to try and lip a bass for fear it will bite my finger. I would like to know if this has happened to...
  8. NC Piedmont High Rock Lake bass fishing, early spring.
  9. Freshwater Fishing
    Great morning with froggywaters on the Flat River. 15 or 16 LMB landed between us, all caught on soft plastics. He won the big fish of the day with a couple 3.5 - 4 lbers. Not sure who had the most fun - him reeling them in or me watching them take his yak for a spin.
  10. Freshwater Fishing
    So, I got off my morning job super early today and headed out to Jordan Lake to blow off some steam more than anything... I am new to the area but a pretty decent bass fisherman (to be honest I do not know too much tacklewise but I can find fish) so i studied a map and found a parking area next...
  11. Saltwater Fishing
    Well the past couple of weekends have been great to me. A 23 inch 7lb largemouth and a 8 1/2lb 27 inch tagged striper. Both were caught near Havelock, that is as detailed as it gets. Venom don't be dimin out my spots either...;)
  12. NC Piedmont
    Went fishing on Lake Norman yesterday evening with Wes Lewis and Josh Wahab and we got into some very nice crappie, largemouth bass, spotted bass, and white perch action. The fish were not nearly as active as last week and we did not find any striped bass, but Wes was still able to put on some...
1-12 of 13 Results