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  1. NC Mountains
    With fairly consistent water levels and weather recently, I had the chance to hit the waters hard over the last weekend. I fished with my wife on Sunday and my good friend Cory on Saturday, both trips were on the French Broad River. These trips produces good varieties of fish including many...
  2. NC Mountains
    A good coastal fishing buddy of mine John came up for a short mid-week fishing trip. He loves catching small mouth as much as me and heard that the bite "is" on. So, after a night of gambling in Cherokee we got up and hit the river around 11ish. :eek:Side-note:I am getting Married next weekend...
  3. NC Mountains
    I took 30mins and fished a couple pull-off's on the Pigeon river yesterday. Was just casting from shore with a topwater popper- Sebiel Smasher, the one with glitter liquid inside. The small mouth were killing it, caught 4 of 6 good hits in a short amount of time. Enjoy the pic's.
  4. Freshwater Fishing
    After a 16hr. drive from Asheville NC I arrived at one of Northern Michigan's finest bass fisheries. A glacier made lake, with rocky bars that extended out in 7-13 ft. clear water with weed lines around 15-17 foot of water all holdin fat smallies, red eye-rock bass, pike, and a few lm bass mixed...
1-4 of 4 Results