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  1. Electronics/Radios
    Posting for a friend, contact information at the bottom. I bought the unit as a Factory Refurb. I’ve used this 2 times, and it works great. I used it on a sailboat and never used or mounted the fishfinder transducer. Updated software Supports NEMA 0183 and 2000 Sun cover...
  2. Electronics/Radios
    I am selling a Lowrance elite 5x DSI headunit ONLY!!!! It has no wiring. This units works and I already have another unit on my boat. If interested message me thanks, tjosterh
  3. The Boating Forum
    I currently have a Lowrance LMS 337C and it has been a piece since day one. Constantly cuts off or freezes. If there is anyone out there that would let me try their Lowrance that is a LMS model on my boat for a day, I would greatly appreciate the help. If yours works fine and is a different...