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  1. Freshwater Fishing
    Hey guys, anybody fished the pond off of Beverly Crest Dr? Its at the corner of 51 and Providence Rd. Does this pond have a name? Any luck there? I went this morning and didn't catch anything. Neighborhood people were walking around for excercise and were very friendly. I've heard there are bass...
  2. NC Piedmont
    Hey guys, I've been bass fishing Beatty Park lately, and Im tired of quantity, Im looking for quality. I have caught many 8-12 inch fish there, but Im looking for bigger. Ive heard Cane Creek in Waxhaw is overfished, but I still think I might try it out. Ive been to Squirrel Lake Park once, and...
  3. Kayak Fishing
    Well, not new to the site but living in Indian Trail and looking for some local guys to fish with. Prefer river fishing out of the yak but open for anything. Looks like good weather this week so if anybody is going out, give me a shout. Sorry Katfish, couldn't get it together in time to meet...
1-3 of 3 Results