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  1. Saltwater Fishing
    17 or 52 mirrolures Hey guys, I've noticed alot of people seem to stick to the mirrolure 17 but I happen to have a ton of 52's laying around my grandad used to have a tackle shop back in the day so I use what's free. Just wondering what yall's opinions are on which one is better Iknow everyone...
  2. NC Coast
    Once I realized my Panthers were going to handily beat the brakes off the Falcons, I decided to hit the beach and surf fish for some trout at halftime. ;) Fished from about 2:30 until 5:00 during the incoming tide. Saw plenty of small-looking baitfish flipping in the water, not much wind, bird...
  3. Saltwater Fishing
    Got a late start due to the weatherman saying rain till noon. Woke up to find sunny skies so we loaded up and headed East. Did not take long to find a nice spot with some hungry fish. Color did not seem to matter and they were all caught on Mirrolures. Talked with a guy at the ramp in a boat and...
1-3 of 3 Results