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  1. NC Mountains
    Guided a client on the Mitchell River yesterday. One of the worst days I've ever had on a NC trout stream. Yes, we caught fish. Yes, I saw a really nice fish. But all in all, it reminded me of what the Mitchell looks like in August: low, clear water with 1-2 fish per pool (average). I'm...
  2. Freshwater Fishing
    This was my first time fishing for trout, thought I would take a day trip up to the Mitchell River and see what it was like... I plan on getting into fly fishing for trout and carp now! HAD A BLAST! Check out my video
  3. Freshwater Fishing
    I fish Kerr Scott when I can. I do a lot of learning, but not much catching. A few weeks ago, I had a really good day while camping at Fort Hamby with the folks. Went out early with my Dad, unfortunatley he didn't catch any, but he seemed to enjoy watching me bring in two nice ones, 2-3 lbr's...
1-3 of 3 Results