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  1. NC Coast
    Set out on Sunday, drove through the rain heading from Greenville to Morehead for a little sheephead fishing. Arrived at the HWY 70 Radio Island boat launch to an unfamiliar scene. The ramp was almost empty. Was this heaven? There were several folks waiting on the weather, but only a few were...
  2. Blog
    It has been months since I've had a chance to do much fishing so I intentionally scheduled four trips this month. This morning my brother-in-law David Stallings and I went out of the Beaufort Inlet with Capt. George Beckwith of Down East Guide Service in search of Cobia. It has been about...
  3. Faith and Fishing
    A gathtering for worship, study and oration Greetings to all! Sundays and Wednesdays are just not enough. I find myself needing, or rather being lead-To gather folks together for an additional day of worship and study. It my desire to gather folks together in the word and for the word. To have...
1-5 of 5 Results