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  1. The Boating Forum
    A quick back story. I had a fishing pole in my hand before I could talk and fished from my father's john boat, nearly daily, until I was 13. I haven't seen my dad since I was 13 and had lost that part of my life. Now, I'm 40. I've wanted a bass boat my entire life and have never lost the...
  2. Meet and Greet
    Hey, I have just picked up fishing from a friend but dont have any experience or gear, other then one pole that is from when i was 8 or 9. I came to this forum looking for some information and advice. First off is there a good place to get some new fishing gear at a good price around the...
  3. Meet and Greet
    Hey all! I was born and raised on the Coast of NC near Beaufort. I've always loved the water but I've never really had much of chance to do a lot of fishing. I just bought a fishing kayak and I'm ready to get out and do some exploring of the good fishing areas in the Morehead City/Harkers...
  4. Saltwater Fishing
    Hey guys I'm totally new to this site but is read a lot before and u guys are ridiculosuky helpful. I am sixteen and about to go to sunset for a week and I Am 100 percent self taught fisherman and I would love to hear any advice fo fishing intercoastal waters there from the docks. Like should I...
1-4 of 4 Results