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  1. Saltwater Fishing
    i managed to go to new bern for the first time in my kayak and launched out of glenburnie park at around 6:30. went up river in search of some topwater striper action. .. ..and i found it. about 7:30 i was saying to myself let me get one just to make the trip worth it. .and then BOOM! fish on...
  2. Saltwater Fishing
    I'm new to the area and wanted to try to catch some trout in New Bern. Im tired of going to Swansboro and catching 50 11-12 inch trout. I hear there are BIG trout in and these creeks but dont know where to go what to use and what time of year. any help what so ever would be appreciated. thx.
  3. Saltwater Fishing
    i moved to new bern two years ago and i just dontunderstand how redneb and all these other people catch all these stripers!:confused:
  4. Freshwater Fishing
    Hey everyone. A few friends and I are planning to go "Camping" at KOA in New Bern. the website says they have a fishing pier thats on the Neuse River. im pretty much only going for a good fishing trip. so if anyone has ever been there or fished the Neuse river at all, I would love any advice to...
  5. Saltwater Fishing
    I'm not sure if this qualifies for saltwater or freshwater but I assume the fish I saw were saltwater so I'll post here. I went out to Fishers Landing tonight in the Croatan, I got there around 7pm and there was a small school going absolutely nuts on baitfish. I don't know what they were...
1-5 of 5 Results