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  1. Kayak Fishing
    Any one know where I can get the foam blocks for the bow and stern in a sit in yak? my new (used) yak does not have them.... and would any one want to help me build some outriggers/stablizers for the yak?
  2. New Member Introductions
    Hello everyone. I am new to fishing in NC and wanted to know if there are any who are willing to share their expertise with a durn yank (well I am from Wisconsin so that might just make me a midwesterner) Friends already explained to me that there are two kinds of yanks around. There are...
  3. Kayak Fishing
    Well Sharon and I are now officially members of the Plastic Armada. We each have a new kayak. Sharon got a Venus 11, yes the pink one to save the Tatas, and I got a Perception Search series 13. We are going to take them out tomorrow for sea trials so to speek. Hopefully we can find a place out...
  4. Kayak Fishing
    I'm planning to be down there Friday and Saturday and would like to meet up with any of you guys. Thanks, JohnC
1-4 of 4 Results