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  1. Saltwater Fishing
    Hey Everyone! Just want to say thanks in advanced for any help passed my way. It’s been a few good years since I been to Atlantic Beach to fish. Finally getting my chance to take family. Plan on surf and pier fish mostly. Never really surf fished so I need all advice from equipment to tackle...
  2. Fishing Gear For Sale
    Never used pier net. $40 bucks or best offer!
  3. Saltwater Fishing
    I go to the outer banks mabey 5-6 times a year and always hit up the pier. I want to start king fishin.. I have a 10 ft surf combo that I think will work as a anchor rod but need a good rod for the bait... I just bailed out $700 to get my kayak and rig it up so I dont have alot of money.. Plus...
  4. Saltwater Fishing
    Don't the Spanish usually start showing up closer to the beach in April, or am I wrong? I probably won't be able to get down to Emerald Isle until around April, but possibly before. But if they are around when I'm down there for Spring Break in April I'll be at Bogue Inlet Pier casting a Gotcha...
  5. Saltwater Fishing
    I caught fish from surf city pier for some Flounders and ******. Check out the video on YOUTUBE. PLEASE SUB IF YOU A YOUTUBE FAN THANKS. URL: YouTube - BIG FLOUNDERS & HOW TO CATCH.#0
  6. Saltwater Fishing
    Fished BIP Friday evening and caught a couple of bluefish and a spanish throwing the Gotcha. They hooked up with a nice Tarpon on the end and fought it all the way down the pier, and he spit the hook right near the pier. They also hooked up on a bunch of sharks. Saturday night at about 8:30 they...
  7. Saltwater Fishing
    What are you guy's top 5 favorite artificial baits to throw from the surf or pier for any kind of fish? Im working on a new tackle box.
  8. Fishing Clubs
    Does anyone know anything about the fishing pier next to Waldo's beach?? I was thinking about trying it out one day if i got bored but im not trying to pay $5 and nothing is there. :) thanks
1-8 of 9 Results