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  1. NC Coast
    I headed out to surf fish today after work to see if yesterday's big pompano day could be repeated and I was not disappointed. Same spot, almost exact same time of day in the evening, on an incoming high tide. 8 total were caught today, including the 2 pictured.These fish were caught on both...
  2. NC Coast
    Went surf fishing after work since it was so pretty out. Tied up a 2-hook drop rig, got some fresh shrimp and headed out. Didn't get many bites for a while, and watched a guy kayak fishing around busting bait for a while. He caught false albies and big blues. Once he came in we were chatting and...
  3. NC Coast
    Elbow to elbow on the pier today, everyone catching spots and pompano. I wonder when the bluefish will show up... I guess when the water gets down to 68? They have pics on their facebook page if anyone is interested:
  4. Saltwater Fishing
    I have decided that this year I will take along with me a light tackle set for Pompano. I know some areas where the sand fleas live and where there are a lot of shells. I usually target anything but I want to eat one those buggers so bad I can't stand it-haven't had the pleasure yet. Can I...
1-4 of 4 Results