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  1. Vendor Deals
    Memorial Day Reel sale. Check out all my reels and inbox me if you are interested in one and I can mark it down for you. The Battle II 5000 reel is marked down to $84 CLICK HERE to Check out the Gear
  2. Vendor Deals
    Have new products listed. If you see a reel or rod combo you like...inbox me. I can probably get you a lower price. Check out the site:Cape Fear Outfitters Fishing Gear
  3. General Fishing Topics
    I have been looking at both of these reels. I can not figure out the difference. Can you guys help? I want to know whch is best for drum, flounder and trout fishing? THANKS!!
  4. Gear and Tackle
    A buddy of mine called this morning and alerted me to what seems to be some good deals. I am not a gear freak so in addition to sharing the cheer, I am looking for opinions on what I am thinking about and whether they are decent choices or if there is better gear for the money. Thanks in advance...
  5. Fishing Gear For Sale
    TWO King Mackeral Rods and Reels for sale Penn 545 reels 7' star live bait rods new 20lb suffix superior line (yellow) $300 for 2 - Only selling as a combo Email with any questions [email protected]
  6. Fishing Gear For Sale
    Selling the following reels: 1. Daiwa Zillion 100HA - 9/10 mechanically, 8-8.5/10 cosmetically, 6.3:1 ratio, spooled with 12 lb Seaguar Fluoro, comes with original box & papers - SOLD 2. Shimano Curado 200DPV - 10/10 mechanically, 9-9.5/10 cosmetically, 5:1 ratio, spooled with 12 lb Seaguar...
  7. Gear and Tackle
    Hey guys, Been reading posts on this site for a while now and today and deciding to post some of my own. I'm a 17 year old in Clemmons with a canoe and a limited budget. I do have more now though with a summer job. I'm relatively new to fishing and mostly do bass fishing with my friends, but...
  8. Freshwater Rods and Reels
    Ok so this might be long winded but this is my review and story. So I’ve been using the black max for well over a year and decided I would get another bait caster and replace my last open face reel on my second rod. I saw the skeet reese reels and read the media reviews and everything pointed to...
  9. Gear and Tackle
    ProTackle is a distributor of fishing tackle. When it comes to rods, reels, line, hooks, and much more he is the only one I call or email. He most often keeps a little on Ebay too. I have 4 Penn 320 GTI reels and had to buy a couple more. He still has some made in the USA instead of those made...
1-9 of 9 Results