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  1. Gear and Tackle
    Hey Y'all, I'm looking for some help repairing the anti-drag on my Penn 3000 reel. I've added pics and the schematics for reference. Can't seem to figure out how to setup the springs and dog to repair the anti-drag. The spool will free spin both ways even when the anti-drag lever is set to...
  2. Gear and Tackle
    Hi All, Looking for recommendation for who to take my reels to for a good cleaning and replacement of wear parts. Most important (other than trustworthy) is that they know their way around an Ambassedeur 5000. Prefer nearer Oriental area but willing to drop off all the way up to Raleigh...
  3. Vendor Deals
    We will be offering 15% discounts on all repairs received before March 1, 2014 to get your rods ready for the 2014 season. Just mention NC Angler to receive your discount. Be sure to also visit our Facebook page below like our page and share what you like in a inshore rod for a chance to win...
  4. General Fishing Topics
    Can someone refer me to a good electrical person who can work on my lowrance LMS 520 in the Raleigh area? Thanks in advance. Josh
  5. Gear and Tackle
    I'm trying to find someone around Fayetteville that will work on an outboard motor I purchased this weekend. It is a 1984 Mercury 9.8hp 2 stroke. I need to get the water pump replaced and it will not come out of reverse. Don't know why. Anyways, does anyone know who will fix them locally. Im...
  6. The Boating Forum
    I always hate making my first post a technical question. I just seem to lurk so long that I feel like it is ok. I am a member of a couple local forums mainly NC4x4. But now that I am getting more into fishing and boating I am here. The skeg on the bottom of my motor is broke off. I only have...
1-6 of 6 Results