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  1. Boats/Motors
    15.5 ft Hydra Sports Bass Boat Perfect Creek/River/Lake fishing boat. Buy today, fish tomorrow. 1998 50hp Johnson Owned the boat for about 7 yrs. Since purchased I have: ------------------------ replaced brake wires rear lights new jack new depth finder (Hummingbird 525)...
  2. Kayak Fishing
    Well, not new to the site but living in Indian Trail and looking for some local guys to fish with. Prefer river fishing out of the yak but open for anything. Looks like good weather this week so if anybody is going out, give me a shout. Sorry Katfish, couldn't get it together in time to meet...
  3. Freshwater Fishing
    Greetings, I have about two more weeks before seminary classes start, and I'm trying to get as much fishing in as possible (I won't be able to do anything else but study once the semester starts). I'm looking for some places to do some hiking and shoreline fishing. I'd like to throw plastics...
  4. Freshwater Fishing
    I'm going to Asheville w/ my wife so she can attend some conference at the Grove Park. I'll have about five hours tomorrow afternoon july 7 (12:30p-5:30p) and 7a-12p Friday and Saturday mornings. I've done a little research and come up with the following possibilities and the drive time to and...
  5. Freshwater Fishing
    I'm visiting my daughter in June and while here i want to take my 14yo son bass fishing, he's never caught a bass. I won't have a boat so it's shore fishing only. If anyone would be willing to point me in the right direction (where and what to use) I would greatly appreciate it. :)
  6. Freshwater Fishing
    The Cape Fear River All I have fished is the stretch from the Riverside Boat Ramp to Locke and Dam #3. My Question is how far up river is it navigable in a shallow draft boat like a Carolina Skiff? Also does anyone know where I could obtain a descent chart for the river?
  7. NC Piedmont
    I need to plan a trip to take the memory of a fishing trip that had no rewards.... I've read a bunch on the catches in the Dan river. I've canoed down it once but would like to know the good spots to fish..... Please, experienced dan river fisher's comments only!! Thanx
  8. Fishing Clubs
    Hey everyone, I'm new to the area and pretty new to fishing as well. I've got a small boat that I've fixed up with a 25hp johnson that is ready to roll but I don't have much experience fishing on the river or fishing for catfish. I was hoping to learn some basics like what is the best bait...
21-28 of 28 Results