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  1. Fly-Fishing
    Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing is a national program that provides wounded and disabled veterans with fly fishing lessons and experiences. The Camp Lejeune/Crystal Coast program has started and we are seeking participants who were wounded or have a VA Disability rating. We will meet at the...
  2. General Fishing Topics
    Anyone going out this week, or next weekend around Camp Lejeune / Jacksonville area? I fish mainly freshwater, and dont really have a set up for salt water but I want to try my luck sometime. If anyone would care to let me tag along sometime, and possibly pick your brain for some tips and...
  3. Saltwater Fishing
    Hey everyone, just purchased a boat! Now that im able to get out there, i need to know what equipment i should get for fishing off the coast from 1 to 30 miles out. What kind of rod/reel works good for trolling? Is there a rod and reel that work for both bottom fishing and trolling? What kind of...
1-3 of 3 Results