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  1. Freshwater Fishing
    A friend and I went fishing on the Roanoke about a week ago at Weldon to chase some Hickory shad. We had decent luck and caught about 20 or so over a few hours, but the water flow was about 8,000 cfs on the day that we went. I was planning on returning with another friend this Wednesday, but it...
  2. NC Piedmont
    After a gusty couple days at the coast, I found myself with a couple hours to work with before heading home and decided to pursue my first white shad. In my experience, one does not simply just decide to catch their first of a species and do it in the same day, so I went into it with an open...
  3. NC Coast
    On Sunday a buddy and I decided to take advantage of the great weather and see if the shad were in the Neuse near his farm yet. Well we killed it! We caught about 50 in a little over 2 hours from the canoe. We were on little tributary just off the Neuse a little south east of Grifton. All...
  4. NC Piedmont
    Caught many nice cats (6 to 8 lbs) anchored outside timber just above the 64 bridge. Fished from 8:00 pm Sat until lightning made us leave around 5:30 am Sunday morning with a hookup about every 25 to 30 mins. Used fresh caught cut shad as bait.
  5. NC Piedmont
    Headed to falls for the first time this weekend. Probably headed to the Barton Creek ramp. We rarely have trouble locating bait at Jordan, are shad easy to catch out in Southern Falls? Also - any kind of an idea about tactics or general places to catch catfish around that area would certainly...
  6. General Fishing Topics
    Have you all heard about the Sanderson Chicken Slaughterhouse in Kinston that slid in under the radar and the fight going on in Nash and Wilson Counties over the proposed plat on the Wilson/Nash County line? Just what we need, more nitrogen in the Neuse and Tar/Pamlico river basins. The waste...
  7. NC Coast
    Got to Little Washington at around 9:00pm. A lot of bait jumping in the waters right under the route 17 bridge. Got a massive strike on a bomber but couldn't set the hook. Mostly everyone was using grubs, mostly white and pink with 1/4oz. jigs. All in all, saw about 4 guys pick up stripers...
  8. NC Coast
    Went down to the G-vegas town commons for some conversation and some shad fishing mixed in... Caught one fish and missed about 3 or 4 hits in about an hour and half. Only fish I saw caught was mine. Caught one 2lb'r white shad last week. So I thought today should be better...water was real low...
  9. Gear and Tackle
    Any of you guys used Spro hard baits? I've been looking at the new bbz-1 baby shad on They are 2.5" long, triple jointed. I was also looking at the little john crankbait. They seem to be good lures, just a little pricey. Anybody used em?
  10. Freshwater Fishing
    I am starting to get into catfishing and using live bait for bass fishing as well.. I have used minnows and worms and crickets and have had decent luck, but i've read that shad are probably the best for catching bass and for catfishing, however, i don't know how to go about catching shad to fish...
  11. Freshwater Fishing
    Went to Rhodhiss for the first time over Easter weekend. Caught a couple large mouth, but mostly explored the lake, lots of trash in the water, from the recent storms? I have read that there are nice stripers in Rhodhiss if you can get some decent sized shad. Does anyone know where and when to...
  12. Fly-Fishing
    I needed some nail flies and after checking out how to make em: NC Angler Fishing - Fly Ties My biggest problem was where to get some bit fake nails. I bought some last year at the Dollar Store but they were real small....kiddie size...:D and I wanted bigger. So I went to my local "Nail...
  13. NC Piedmont
    Looking for any info on good locations to cast net for shad near Ebenezer Church boat ramp? Time? Where? How to find them? Rigging for fishing? Thanks everyone.
  14. Freshwater Fishing
    where can i get shad? is there some where to buy them or do i need to catch my own? if so where would be the best place? I live near hopemills.
  15. Freshwater Fishing
    Trying to find bigger shad on jordan. Only getting into small thredfin around some of the bridges. Any help please. Just to let everyone know the temp Saterday in the main body of the lake was around 55/56 degrees F.
1-15 of 15 Results