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  1. Gear and Tackle
    Eons ago, man fished with spears. Our ancestors, equipped with nothing but a pointy stick, keen eyesight, and wicked-fast reflexes, would remain perfectly still for minutes at a time, waiting for a sufficiently meaty fish to swim within range and, with all the explosiveness of a cheetah...
  2. The Boating Forum
    Hi, all. I'm new to the forum and have just gotten back into fishing in a big way. I've got a new boat running all Lowrance electronics, Multiple HDS live units, livesight sonar, 3d bottom scan etc..The dealer where I'd purchased the boat and equipment took over 6 months and 4 return trips to...
  3. Electronics/Radios For Sale
    I have a barely used (6 times tops) Hummingbird 570 model fish finder for sale. Used this on my kayak and the rest of the time it was stored in the garage. MSRP is $200, I'll take $100. Comes with transducer. Battery shown just to show it works, not included.
  4. Fishfinders
    From Humminbird: "The 110 Fishin' Buddy offers a 4 level grayscale 160V x 128H 4" display, Single Beam sonar with 1000 Watts PTP power output. The ultimate in portability, with an ergonomic clamp mount designed to use nearly anywhere. No rigging, wiring or transducer to mount." MSRP: $119.99...
  5. Kayak Fishing
    Decided to putter on the kayak today, and rebuilt the external transducer mount that I experimented with late last year. I'd mounted it to the rudder mount on my Manta Ray, so that the transducer sat actually down in the water, rather than the various inside-the-hull options. My goals for the...
  6. Freshwater Fishing
    Hey guys, got my Lowrance hds last year and am still not confident in the speed I can travel and effectively locate bait schools, white perch, and spots. Wanna jig for perch and bass on Lake Norman but still not sure how fast I can get away with. Big lake, so wanna go fast as possible and...
1-6 of 7 Results