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  1. Saltwater Fishing
    Hey Everyone! Just want to say thanks in advanced for any help passed my way. It’s been a few good years since I been to Atlantic Beach to fish. Finally getting my chance to take family. Plan on surf and pier fish mostly. Never really surf fished so I need all advice from equipment to tackle...
  2. NC Coast
    I headed out to surf fish today after work to see if yesterday's big pompano day could be repeated and I was not disappointed. Same spot, almost exact same time of day in the evening, on an incoming high tide. 8 total were caught today, including the 2 pictured.These fish were caught on both...
  3. General Fishing Topics
    Ok, I am confused. Where along NC can I drive on the beach? Where do I have to buy a permit and where can I go without one? I now have a 4x4 and want to do some surf fishing without lugging my gear across the sand..... Maybe we can start a list of places, regulations etc to simplify this.
  4. NC Coast
    These were my first fish of the New Year, I'm happy with this start to the 2016 fishing season. Skunked kayak fishing past 2 trips. Works kept me busy but I got out to one of my surf fishing spots today. Caught 5 trout total, kept these 3 for food. Each one was a little bigger than the next...
  5. NC Coast
    My buddy and I fished Oak Island this past weekend and I'd say we did fairly well. We caught the whole spectrum of fish; Redfish, Black Drum, Bluefish, Flounder, Spot, Sea mullet, pompano, and a shark. We each caught a stud Redfish and a keeper Black Drum. We caught the red's inshore on...
  6. Saltwater Fishing
    I am planning on going to Sunset beach in June! Plan on doing some shark fishing in this area, anyone have any tips/locations? I will be fishing from the surf! thanks, Tjosterh
  7. Saltwater Fishing
    Well, I got a spur-of-the-moment option to head to the coast for a few days next week so I'm going. I was wondering what's the word on surf fishing around Oak Island? When and biting what? I'm mainly interested in the flounder bite but really anything will make me happy.
  8. Saltwater Fishing
    Does anyone have any news from the OKI area? Just curious what's happening on the surf or inshore fronts. Heading down for the weekend and hope to at least soak a few baits in the surf. We had some action but nothing too impressive about two weeks ago from the beach. A short flounder, a good...
  9. Fishing Gear For Sale
    Divorce sale! I love this rod, but I wont be fishing with it any time soon. It is a St Croix Triumph 10 foot surf rod TSRS100M2 that is rated at 3/4 to 4 oz. It has a couple of minor scratches, but you have to look hard to see them. I will sell it for $75 firm.
  10. General Fishing Topics
    Planning another trip folks. This time I want to visit a good location for some surf fishing. Got some really nice rigs I want to test out in the surf. Anyone know where to do this at successfully for some nice redfish? Advice as usual is much appreciated.:D
  11. NC Coast
    I will be in the Outer Banks next week, specifically the Corolla area, and wanted to see what fishing opportunities are available this time of year. I am a fly fisherman, and would love to do that, but am happy with simply catching fish. Am I limited to boats (charter or head boats) or able to...
  12. Saltwater Fishing
    I would like to learn tips, lures, techniques for catching Red Drum, and Trout inshore without a boat at Nags Head. I am going the 2nd week in September. Maybe even some good fishing spots or spots to find live bait with a cast net.
  13. NC Coast
    Hey guys, Caught this little guy out of the surf this weekend - any idea what kind of shark it is? Just curious, he didn't have too many identifying marks other than his head was pretty broad and heavy (not a bonnet though). He was a fun one though ... Other than that, the report was a...
  14. Saltwater Fishing
    I am headed to Frisco for the second week in June this summer and am seeking some advice on surf fishing there. I am fairly knowledgeable about surf fishing on Bald Head Island (as that is where I do 95% of my surf fishing), but am vacationing in Frisco for a little while this summer with some...
  15. Saltwater Fishing
    Hey everyone, Looking to get out of Greenville for a day, wanted to know if anyone has had any luck at Radio Island or at Fort Macon lately. I've read that the reds are running some and the specks are fickle right now. Any suggestions on tackle or better surf fishing locations? I was going to...
  16. NC Coast
    Fished the Bald Head Island surf over Labor Day weekend. Was surprised to see that the fishing was fairly decent following the "hurricane". Caught 3 red drum off the 'point' (where East and south beach connect, at the shoals). A bunch of small to medium sized bluefish as well. Also hooked a...
  17. Saltwater Fishing
    For the past 3 years in early June, my extended family has taken a week long trip to Duck and stayed at a house near the USGS pier, right on the beach. Every year, I get up and fish the surf there, but I rarely catch anything. I've tried lures (bucktails, hopkins, spoons) and live bait (mole...
  18. Saltwater Fishing
    Hey, I am headed to BHI this weekend, and was wondering if there is any activity down there? I will probally fish the east-south beach point and maybe the west beach point. Thanks , luke
  19. NC Coast
    Saturday on Topsail about a quarter mile below the last access point (south end) I landed 18-20 (I lost count at about 15) Red Drum to 36". The school was in a trough at low tide ambushing mullet. All were caught on top water poppers. Others were catching them on Mirro'Lures, finger mullet and...
1-19 of 19 Results