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  1. Fishing Clubs
    CNCBA(Central NC Bass Anglers) wil be announcing their 2013 schedule soon. We will also be having a meeting in February for anyone that wants to compete for the "Team of the Year" prize to pay their dues and also for any new members to come out and meet everyone. CNCBA is a tournament trail for...
  2. Fishing Clubs
    CNCBA(Central NC Bass Anglers) will be posting its 2012 schedule soon. If you are looking to fish bass tournaments in a fun,family friendly environment then you should come check us out. We have a 75 hp outboard maximum and fish one tournament per month(March through October). So if you own a...
  3. New Member Introductions
    Figure I would give this a go. Ive been fishing ever since I could hold a rod! Fishing is my passion, downtime, heaven! Im from the Burlington area and was hoping I could get up some fishin buddies to maybe expand my knowledge in fishing as well as locations to fish. I have one pond I can go to...
  4. Fishing Clubs
    Hey guys, I'm looking for a bass club to fish with from now to May or so, possibly longer. It depends on where I go after I graduate from WFU. I fish the College Series and am trying to find more tournaments to fish. Ryan
  5. Saltwater Fishing
    First let me state that has a protocol for posting tourneys so please do not do so w/o proper permissions... I am interested in getting in some tourneys now that I have an adequate boat but it's a nightmare trying to find info so if anyone knows of any tourneys, even if just the...
  6. General Fishing Topics
    I just moved down to the Hope Mills area and I am really in need of finding someone that needs a fishing partner. Either for Tournaments or just a good day on the water. I am into fishing for anything and everything. I was really big into bass up in Michigan and would love to try for striper...
1-6 of 6 Results