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  1. The Boating Forum
    I had an older transducer bracket on my boat where there original one was when I bought it. The new bracket for the Lowrance elite 7ti is larger than expected and will not fit in the groove where the old bracket was mounted(it would hang beneath the boat), the only location I see it fitting to...
  2. Kayak Fishing
    Finally gave up on the thru-hull designs and decided to make an external mount for my 570 DI. I used 1/8 aluminum stock and bent an a small piece and bolted it to the rudder hole and voila!.. just have to be super careful.
  3. Kayak Fishing
    Decided to putter on the kayak today, and rebuilt the external transducer mount that I experimented with late last year. I'd mounted it to the rudder mount on my Manta Ray, so that the transducer sat actually down in the water, rather than the various inside-the-hull options. My goals for the...
  4. Gear and Tackle
    Any suggestions for a good but temporary transducer mount to a pontoon. My transducer has a suction cup but I question how well it will hold to the back of the pontoon at any speed and not sure if I can get it far enough into the water that way. I was thinking about attaching the transducer...
  5. Gear and Tackle
    I have installed a fish finder in my yak . I put the transducer in a foam block, cut to fit, filled with goop. Everything is working great, but I don't trust the temp readings. I think what is happening is the transducer is reading the temp inside the Hull, because it seems high to me. Has...
1-5 of 5 Results