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  1. Fly-Fishing
    Does anyone have suggestions for tenkara fishing in the Triangle area? Clearly it's not trout country, but it's where I live. Actually, maybe within a hour in any direction of the Triangle area. I live in North Durham, less than an hour from Virginia, so that's a possibility. Ideally, something...
  2. Freshwater Fishing
    I'm new to the site and relatively new to the area (I've been here for only a year, bass fishing here since early spring) and I'm looking for a few good bank fishing spots. My friends and I had a perfect pond on the border of Apex & Raleigh, but apparently it's a state research pond, says the...
  3. Fishing Clubs
    I'm a recent transplant to NC from Arizona, and am between boats. I would like to find a club near Raleigh that needs non-boaters in either a Team/Individual tournament format. Or...if your club rules allow an occassional guest in the back seat, please drop me a line.
  4. Freshwater Fishing
    Hey, I had some luck earlier this spring with White Bass around Penny's Bend. I have recently caught a bunch of largemouth in ponds near my house. I have never really tried to fish for large mouth on the Eno. Does anyone have any suggestions for me? Plastics, cranks, spinners? - Thanks - Luke
  5. Freshwater Fishing
    Hey. I saw something on TV about noodling for catfish. 1) Is it legal in NC? 2) Does anybody know of any tips if I were to go 3) what/where are some catfishing hotspots in the triangle area. (ponds, lakes....) - Thanks
  6. Freshwater Fishing
    Hey. I am wondering if there are any spots along the Eno River or in other streams/rivers in the general Triangle area that area good for winter bass fishing? What should I use to fish for 'em? I tried Bobbit's hole on the Eno today and did not get even a bite. Thanks
1-6 of 6 Results