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  1. NC Coast
    I dropped some gopro cameras down in a hole packed with trout for 6 hours and came out with some solid answers to subjects that I have seen discussed on here over and over for years. I know the editing is awful but hang in there and you'll probably learn something useful. I know I did...
  2. NC Coast
    The video was posted the day after since editing took so long. Nice bank fishing trip with plenty of nice specks and a crazy surprise discovery of a new way to catch em when I accidentally rigged a lure the wrong way. I had forgotten the DOAs have those tiny weights inserted to make them sink...
  3. Saltwater Fishing
    Cape Fear Christian Sportsman, A ministry of Christ Community Church, is hosting "Fish Fest '11." This school is open to anyone, and kids and wives are welcome. There is no cost, but a $20 donation is suggested, and the first 150 registrants get a full color custom t-shirt designed by Mark...
1-3 of 3 Results