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  1. Boats/Motors For Sale
    I have a Native Ultimate 14.5 Solo (with an extra Native seat and thwart tube so you can use as a tandem) and I'm asking $1150 OBO for this whole package as listed below. Please pm with questions and I can provide my phone number and direct e-mail. I bought the boat from a guy in the kayak...
  2. Boats/Motors For Sale
    2009 Native Ultimate Propel 14.5 Olive in color, with camo bow skirt, rudder, anchor trolley and one scotty. Bottom has scratches from normal use. Can be used with or without pedals. can email pics $1250
  3. Boats/Motors For Sale
    I am selling a gift certificate for any Native kayak or Native gear at Get:Outdoors in Greensboro. The certificate is for $800. I won this certificate during the NCKFA tournament this spring and don't have room for another yak. I am asking $725 or best offer. I would be willing to meet you...
  4. Kayak Fishing
    I got a great deal on an Ultimate 12 off Craigslist with a nice little boatload ;) of accessories. 2010 sand color with angler package. Bow, Center and Stern skirts. Paddle. Paddle Leash. Side bag. Seat riser. And the previous owner had installed an extra scotty mount in the center at the bow...
1-4 of 4 Results