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  1. Fly-Fishing
    I was thinking about going to Wilson Creek DH tomorrow but the weather is saying it will rain all night and probably stop around sunrise. I know that river can flood pretty badly so I was wondering if anyone knows of an online water level gauge and what should be a maximum number for safe...
  2. Fly-Fishing
    Hi all, Haven't done much posting up here, just a lot of reading, so I figured I'd give it a shot. Anyway, I am wondering if anyone knows of any spots in the general area of Beaufort, Morehead, AB, and on down to Emerald Isle that are suitable for wade-fishing for various inshore species. I...
  3. Kayak Fishing
    Greetings All. I am heading down to Ocean Isle Beach, NC and would like some information relating to Kayak and wade fishing possibilities. Any advice or suggestions relating to access points and general areas to target (you don't have to tell me your honey hole:)) would be greatly appreciated...
1-3 of 3 Results