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I might not know where the spots are but I do know where the kings are and several boats to go with them.....The pier is starting to look like a dock with all the boats floating and trolling around the end.....believe it or not we are not a DOCK......There was about 18-20 boats out there at one point

We did catch 10 kings today and 18 yesterday....for a new total of 178 kings for the year....even saw a few spanish popping around out there today and big blues.....bait is tough for king fishing....the water is still calm and clear....

I could see a drum swimming in the surf today....lots of flounder most still small there were a few keepers among the bunch....did better with pompanos late this morning and into the afternoon....still not much with spots or mullets....the wind is NE but very light not enough yet to make a strong difference.....

"Pier Witch"
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