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My friend called me up and said it was good jerkbait conditions so I headed up for the weekend. We started the morning without much luck until we anchored up above a drop with some big boulders. We managed to intersect active fish and I had some magic. I caught 2 big smallmouth on back-to-back casts. The first was 19.5" and the second was a 'river monster' at 21" (we estimated it at 5 lbs). I hooked another big fish in the same spot that got off. My friend lost a big one and caught a 30+" walleye. We caught fish on and off the rest of the day. We both lost another good fish each. I hooked something large on a tube and he lost another big one on jerkbait. Not big numbers but a great day for big fish, if only we could have landed them all.

We fished again the next day but it was not as good. They dropped the water level overnight and it impacted the bite. We still caught some fish but the biggest was only 16" and the vast majority were small. Still any fish are better than none.


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