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Great condition, '13 12ft. Native Ultimate Propel Drive. Asking $1,750 OBO.

Boat has been used maybe 20 times total. Very, very minimal scratches on bottom. No dings, divots, etc.

Pedal Drive is in practically perfect shape and is stored indoors.

Just coated with 303 a month back.

Comes with 2 Rear Mounted Scotty Rod Master II rod holders on adjustable track.

Awesome boat. Pedal drive easily comes in and out. Can paddle without the pedal drive altogether. I'm a big guy, 6' 250lbs. and can scoot around in this thing no problem.

Will post pics later or if requested.

Can drive to meet if within about an hour west of Raleigh or anyone within reasonable distance of Wilmington.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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