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135HP 1974 Johnson outboard

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I have a 135HP 1974 Johnson outboard for sale. It does not have trim package. It does not have the controls and wiring harness. Those are available at various times on ebay. This motor uses the RED plugged harness and control system.

I don’t have the knowledge or funds to get this running. It was given to me to pay off a debt and I know it ran at that time. I was told the cylinder psi numbers were 90+ across the board. Someone w/ the skills, money and time could get this motor running, but I need to sell it to pay bills. My pain, your gain.

$200 cash or best offer.


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Temptation has a sinful connotation. This is more like an opportunity.
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I am VERY interested but I cant be down to look at it until the weekend.
I might still have it by then, but there is some interest, so no way of knowing. How far away from NB are you?
I am in Washington 35-45 mins depending on where you live but right now I am in Wake Forest area working on a house. If you still have it I will come check it out when I get back home this weekend. I doubt you will at that price :)
i'd be all over it if i needed a motor that big. great deal for sure.
I hear you, sundrop. If you are in construction, you are in the same boat I'm in if you are working jobs in WF. My 38 yrs of finish carpentry experience doesn't mean much in the local market anymore. Maybe we'll meet this weekend. Thanks.
I am reparing a rental property I got shafted on, so I have to keep pushing to finish it. Construction is not my forte" I'm just a "Jack of all trades, Master of none"..LOL!
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I've had several offers lower than I want to go at this point. sundrop, if you are still interested, I'll knock $20 off for gas money coming from little W. I'll be in the vicinity all day so give it some thought. We can swap renter-from-**** horror stories.
Im still trapped 2 hrs away dealing with the rental. Not gonna make it home for a few more days, I hate to lose it but I know you gotta do what ya gotta do. Do you by chance have Paypal?
I understand that. Yes, re the paypal.
Contact me directly at heygibb at gmail dot com
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