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13FISHING - OMEN Black Casting & Spinning Rods

It's the holidays and if you're anything like me, nothing looks better next to the tree than some new fishing gear. Over the past few years I have been searching for the rods that I want to use exclusively that I can both afford and have 100% confidence in. I have found many that I can afford but most I would use one company for one presentation and then another company for the next.

While fishing a tournament this past summer I watched my boater swing fish after fish into the boat on a jig rod he knew was the stick he wanted. That started my hunt. After hours reviewing rods online, getting a feel for them at the store and then researching online again I landed on 13FISHING's 7'3"H OMEN Black baitcasting rod. At the time, I had never had one in my hand and was trusting the reviews that were far more positive than the other reputable brands I was researching. This was a risk and I was hoping it paid off.

To test it out, I went to my trusty community lake in my jon boat to see how it held up skipping my Local Lures Skipping & Flipping jigs while throwing the hook into some pigs with my Lew's reel to crank 'em in. After my best 5 went over 19 pounds, no issues throwing a thick hook into them, and feeling in complete control, I was impressed. The tip action was superb and gave me total control and accuracy while the back bone gave me the control and sensitivity I was looking for. Being a park, the people on the dock I was skipping under were shocked that the size fish I caught in front of them even lived in that lake as well as the fact you could get a jig into those spaces. Little did they know, I had never skipped a jig before either but had the perfect tools to do it with.

The OMEN Black series has a minimalist pistol grip that some might shy away from in fear of a lack of comfort, but for me this was a selling point. I want to feel everything with no obstacles. Comfort, fatigue after 6am-4pm tournaments, not an issue, even with my large hands.

My first experience intrigued me to test out their 7'1"MH casting rod, which led me to try their 6'7"M spinning rod and now to my most recent addition, and narrow favorite, their 7'6"MH casting rod. Ranging from $100 for the shorter rods up to $130 for the longest, I have been able to recoup my spending quickly through their performance when I needed them most.

Whether a tournament angler or just recreational, if you want more enjoyment out of your time at the water, 13FISHING is a brand worth looking into. If you have a bigger budget, check out their ENVY series. I would love to hear some insight from others on them as well.

7'3"H OMEN Black Specs from
30 Ton Japanese Toray Carbon
Evolve Titanium Frame w/Zirconia Ring
Evolve HairTrigger
Butt Cap
Custom Evolve 13
AAA Cork/EVA/Carbon Trim
Line Rating
Lure Weight
3/8-1 1/2oz.

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Omens and Envy's

I own 7 Omens and 3 Envy's. Never had a problem with any of them. When I did break one, 13Fishing has the best customer service around and replaced it right away. It was my fault the rod broke and not a manufacturer error. I would recommend these rods to anyone. You will not be disappointed .
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