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16MM Film in need of Anglers Help

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A special location is needed for the PCC Film and Video program spring class project, "Walter." The five-minute story, written by PCC film student, Melanie Duncan, is a heart warming tale about dealing with grief between a father and daughter that takes place while they are fishing in a small boat on a lake. The shoot dates are planned for Saturday, April 21 and Friday, April 27, 2007.

As the location for this project we are looking for a modest cabin or vacation home with a small dock on a lake. We will shoot the cabin both as an interior and an exterior.

We are also seeking the donation of two or three boats to use on the shooting days. We need a small fishing boat to be photographed in the film, a pontoon boat to mount the camera on (or some other very stable vessel) and an inflatable boat with an outboard or a small fishing boat to assist with anchors and other production logistics. Following standard practice in the film industry, liability and damage insurance coverage will be provided for the location and the boats that are used.

Here are the descriptions of the cabin and the picture boat from the script:

A small boat cuts across the morning mist. MILES, a 40 year old man skillfully smokes and docks the boat. A light turns on inside the cabin. Miles grabs his tackle box, looks up at the sky, and heads towards the cabin.

Molly stands by the boat; her mother is tightening her life jacket and kisses her one the forehead. Miles approaches them, he hands her Danny’s fishing rod, they study each other for a moment. They climb into the boat. Miles unties the ropes and begins to paddle. Cathy waves and Miles lights a smoke then starts the engine. Cathy watches them until they are out of her vision.

Miles rows the boat near the shore. Miles lines his finger up with a tall pine on the shore and a house in the distance.

Miles opens the engine full throttle the boat soars across the lake

Cathy has a camera, she arranges the Miles and Molly together for a photo with the fish.

The cabin is modest. CATHY, a mild woman in her mid-30’s, makes a pot of coffee. Miles enters, sits at the table and fusses with his tackle box. Cathy watches him.

Miles opens the door and stands in the middle of a boy’s room. He picks up a photo on the dresser, his thumb traces the face of the boy in the photo, with urgency he puts the photo back, opens the closet and takes out a fishing pole.

If you have a location that might serve this story or a boat that we can use please contact Micahel Corbett, 336-694-5707 ext 271.
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Melanie it might be helpful to explain to folks what the PCC is, how the film will be used/distributed, if their will be a screen credit for participants, if meals will be provided during the shoot, if complimentary copies of the finished project will be provided, etc. ;)
Of course there will be screen credits given to those who help out. PCC is a college, a well respected film school. Of course people will recieve a copy of the film.
This short film is based on a true story: when I was 10 yr old girl in Canada, my father took me fishing ... against his wishes. He thought "you can't fish with no girl in the boat" ... I ended up catching his "Walter". A small mouth bass that was huge!
The intention is to submit it to the festivals.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.
I am a film/video producer by profession (28 years). There is no such thing as "of course". It has to be spelled out. ;) Piedmont Community College? Sounds like a good project. Best wishes with it.
Have you done short films or industrials?
Thank you for your best wishes,
Mostly documentaries, promotional videos for Colleges, Universities, Corporate Image pieces and some commercials.
I think there is a small lake east of Cedar Mountain in Transylvania or Henderson County that would fit the location. It's one of those places with huge white pines and hemlocks and back off the beaten path. When I was there boat traffic was real light and the place had a look about it that just screamed FISH HERE! I'm sure the people around the lake would be really helpful. They sure didn't mind sharing fishing info. Now if I could just think of the lake's name.
The Name of the lake is Cascade Lake. It is just northwest of Du Pont State Forest on the Little River. It is also on Cascade Lake Rd. in Transylvania County.
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