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Where does hose #66 (Port balance tube) connect to on V4 1996 E90SLEDR Ocean Pro?

Seller told me it had sat for 2 years. I took it to a shop. I got it back with original cracked, now undersized, cam follower roller, fuel filter not changed, and a disconnected vacuum hose stuck into the air silencer! It would only idle with the primer dump.

I backed out the idle screws to 6.5 out & got it to idle, but it would stall going into gear. I put a piece of 5/16 fuel line over the cam follower core. That enabled the idle raise in neutral and fixed the die on shift. I still had fuel delivery problems.

My OL Manual said replace hoses every 5-7 years. So I started checking hoses & discovered the disconnected balance tube. It was pulling a good vacuum. Needless to say I do not want to go back to that shop. I got a generic online manual which does show the starboard balance tube connects to a fitting at the lower crankshaft bearing, but it does not show where the Port balance tube #66 should be connected. The shop does not know and said to plug it and see what happens. Plugging it enabled the motor to idle, and get the idle screws back to 3.5 out. But I still have symptoms of a weak fuel pump & suspect wherever that hose connects to is depriving vacuum that may help drive the fuel pump.

The VRO was disconnected & plugged by the shop. The weak pump symptom is - just before stalling from no fuel, pumping the bulb restores power- about 15 pumps until the VapSep float pin, or carb float pins engage & I get a hard bulb. It will idle for more than 1 minute, then bog again. It will run WOT for less than 30 seconds, then bog again. I am suspecting a sticking vapor pump float pin, but without the hose #66 connected properly, I don't want to start tearing into the fuel components.

My manual had a warning about running the motor with hoses disconnected or plugged. As far as I can tell the entry point for fuel is the Vapor Separator, then gravity feed to the fuel pump. Am I right on this? A stuck float pin would starve the pump of fuel, primer bulb pressure would force the stuck pin free, fill the reservoir, then jamb the pin tight again.

First I need to get that vacuum hose connected to where it belongs.
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