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Well. My Big Drum season has officially opened! Went 1 for 2 today (Saturday) with the Van **** family.
Tom and family are an avid fishing family and fish all over the world but never caught any of these beast. He got first one measuring 41”. Water Smile Vertebrate Sky Fisherman
Second was with Tiana at the rod but hatefully came unpinned. Only one but it’s a start.

Friday we fished light tackle and as is all fishing – it was slow. We did manage to catch a few short pups and several flounder with Tiana getting her first ever. Water Sky Cloud Watercraft Shorts

They are a great fishing family – a real enjoyment to have on boards.
Oh, look at what happened in my livewell. Evidently there was a small bass in my minnows that wanted to eat a mullet! More Than A Mouth Full!!!! Awesome nature at its best. Finger Fish Fin Fish products Ray-finned fish


1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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