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2-7-15 Fontana Report

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2-7-15 Fontana Had the pleasure of fishing with Mike and his son Jared yesterday. Jared is headed into the Air Force so trying to get in all the fishing he can before heading out. Jared outfished Mike and I, especially me even though it was a little slow. We found fish early but with ice on our rods it made feeling bites almost impossible. Once the sun came up we found scattered fish but they were all laying tight to the bottom. Have seldom seen fish plastered to the bottom like yesterday. You would only see a slight fuzz off the bottom and sure enough it would be fish. Most fish came on minnows dropped all the way down and had very few fish on jigs. Found some perch early a crappie and the rest were spots. Probably had 15 or so with a nice mess to eat, and guess with the cold and bluebird skies it was a good day. Hope the rest of winter is like the afternoon, warmed up real nice and wonder if the late bite would have heated up. Bright moon, clear sunny skies and cold temps make for later short feeding periods and that's what we found, but great trip and hope we get to fish again before Jared has to leave. Stay warm, later, Capt. James


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