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I fished the River Bassin Trail this past Saturday and though I didn't finish in the top ten(that was my goal) I had a decent day and finished 15th. One big fished would of put me in the top ten but it wasn't to be. The Highlight of the day was I caught a good solid 13-14 inch Roanoke on my second cast. I was a little stunned and still half asleep so I didn't even measure that fish on my board and then 2 or 3 casts later I landed another big Roanoke that barely touched the 12 inch mark for a Citation.
Both hit a 3/8 oz white Booya spinnerbait .

Not a bad day for a section of river I had never fished before. Fishwhisperer and I had scouted this section last year from the bank after fishing a nearby section and catching 4 citations that day(2 each) . FW has been dying to fish this section and it shows a lot of promise.

added: got to thinking that the size for a citation was not 12 inches so I looked at the NCWRC page...size for a Roanoke is 11 inches so second fish doesn't barely make it. makes it and adds an inch

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