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2 Kings and a Bud

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Left NR inlet at 9:00 headed to Christmas Rock. John and I are basicly novices to saltwater fishing, but were eager to get the deck bloody for the first time. Arrived to parking lot on top of Christmas Rock and began to troll between the rock and the E bouy. First fish on was a false albie. Quickly followed by 2 nice kings, first for both of us. The water soon after got too choppy so we headed back in. All fish were caught on a Yo-zuri DD. Had one bite off on the HB rig pulling a dead cigar. Great day on the water with a good friend and some fish.
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Nice, thanks for the report! Sounds like a pretty good outing for a salt newbie!
Congrats on your first kings. Glad you had a good day on the water with a friend. Keep the reports coming.
...And I figured that the chance of a fishing report this weekend was nil...
Good report. That's the kind we like to read, a catching report w/ where when and how.
What an Awesome Sunday! Thanks for taking me out with ya Seachel! The King tasted absolutely awesome. Being a novice at cleaning these boogers I cut some of the fish into 3/4 inch steaks, and filet'd the rest. Both ways were terrific on the grill! Thanks again, and look forward to more fishing adventures!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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