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2 piece vs 4 piece

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Getting a new 5wt rod for panfish and trout, wondering if I should get a 2-piece or a 4-piece. Im looking at getting one of the cabelas models. Besides being able to pack smaller are there any other advantages? Disadvantages?
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I would ask rather there were any advantages to the 2 piece. The two piece tend to be a little lighter (doubt that you would feel the difference. The 2 piece tend to be a bit more expensive though not so much anymore. It used to be that the action of the 2 pece was far superior to the 4 piec, but with new ferrule construction techniques ths isn't so true anymore.

I think the 4 piece is much more useful overall because of the packability issue. I can put a 4 piece in my suitcase so I am not bringing along an extra piece of luggage. That is worth a lot to me. Afterall, if you don't have it with you, you can't use it!

I don't think that you'll even notice the difference the weight . My first rods were 2 peice not thinking that I would ever travel with it seemed the likely choice. Since, I now travel alot for work, it's really nice to throw a 4pc in a suitcase to take along with me. Just in case I get an afternoon to toss some flies somewhere. All my future rods will definitely be 4pc.
Hey Alway(s),
I was looking at your screen name. Does the (s) go with the 1st word or the second? It makes a little bit of a difference how one interprets your "handle" :eek:.

yea right now im fishing a tired old 9' 2 piece, I guess the main thing I was wondering is since I dont have alot to spend and the rods im looking at are in the $70-100 range if there would be a big diference in the action. Im not really concerned with weight but I do like the idea of being able to hike with my rod a little easier.

O and KJ its deffinetly meant to be always explr i didnt even think abou the sex part untill my girlfriend pointed it out to me. Ha, I guess its been so long without I dont even recognize the word anymore!
I would definitely go with the 4 pc. The packability issue and I had a guy that built rods once tell me that it takes more enginering to build a workable four or five piece than two. You might also check out Bass Pros combos I have a Indian River 5 weight from them and for a $89 combo it a very good set up.
The Temple Fork rods come in just over $100 with a lifetime warranty. I have a couple and I'm completey satisfied with the action and feel of the rods. I snapped a section of my 8wt which was totally my fault, and received a new section for the rod in less than 2 weeks without any hassle whatsoever.
I have a 4 piece and it works great. It bends just like other rods and the weight difference is very mininmal.

1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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